Director / Writer / Producer


The Crhyme Scene – The Praying Mantis (3.44 min) Music Video


Welcome to the Birmingham Methodist Circuit (2.23 min) Promo Video


Together in Mission (2min x 6) Series of six short docs about church and community action in the West Midlands


Huw Evans: Life As A Writer (18.33 min) An interview with writer, poet Huw Evans

Leadership Masterclasses (15 min x 20) Series of twenty lectures on community, inclusion, leadership and learning


Lives Not Knives (14.08 min) A short doc about serious youth violence in Birmingham

The Soil - David Benjamin Blower (4.13 min) Music Video

People & Places: Father Wayne Hamilton’s Story (4.59 min) Short doc about St James Church in Handsworth

Rinkoo: Stand Up Comedian (11 min) Series of 5 short films about a deaf stand-up comedian and filmmaker

Neighbourhood Heroes in Hodge Hill  (3.36 min) Community growth with an ethos of empowerment & inclusion


Faithful Friends win ‘Together for Hope’ Award (1.25 min) A tale of interfaith friendship

Steelwire Technique – The Praying Mantis (3.21 min) Music Video


Black Cloud - Strange Ghost (3.40 min) Music Video

Future Tense - Strange Ghost (3.43 min) Music Video

WOKE (3.11 min) Promo for hip-hop theatre show by Testament

Spitting in Wonderland (5.19 min) Kingshurst Community Poetry Event Film


YAY16: Writer’s Block (4.01 min) Promo Film for B'ham City Council’s Year of Arts & Youth

YAY16: Photo Booth (4.20 min) Promo Film for B'ham City Council’s Year of Arts & Youth


Levitate: A Life in Music (16.47 min) Documentary for Jack Rocks & Levitate Music Summit

Coffee Break (1 min) Sci-fi action short

The Call (4.38 min) Film48 Short Film Competition Finalist

Nothing You Want Is Equal to This (7.33 min) Part of ‘What Is It To Be Human?’ Art Exhibition

This Legacy (3.58 min) Short historical doc about Birmingham

Get Zen (18.23 min) An epic poem by Lorna Meehan


Rapman Can Chop – Michael Stork (3.55 min) Music Video

Partisan Climax – The Praying Mantis (2.09 min) Music Video

Habits of the Heart Feedback Video (3.49 min) Personal Development Course Promo


The Quickener (30 min) Short Medieval Period Drama

Introducing Lucy Jennings (2.57 min) Blue Peter Presenter Search Entry


Missing Out (5 min) Short Documentary about ex-Olympic Swimmer Kirsty Balfour

Meet the Whisperer (1.19 min) Poem and Promo for The Quickener

Assassins & Bodyguards – The Praying Mantis (3.44 min) Music Video

Give Apple An Extra Tenner (2.21 min) Campaign Promo


The Visitors – The Custodians (2.36 min) The Nativity Factor Competition Finalist

Firestar – Eeek (4.39 min) Music Video

Omniglyph – HLI (2.12 min) Album EPK

Side Of The Road – Ross Spencer (3.27 min) Music Video

Reckless Love for a Reckless Nation (15.14 min) Documentary

The Flood – The Praying Mantis (3.37 min) Music Video

Sea Land Air – Quartz Crystallus (1.57 min) Music Video

My Rescue – Fiction Fight (3.33 min) Music Video


Say Anything – Josiah Gillespie (3.53 min) Music Video