'Unearthed' is a 10-track rap album featuring some

of my most treasured collaborations. Reoccurring themes are courage, cowardice, the spectre of death and wild animals encounters.

It includes 2 previously unreleased songs which

I'm hyped to share with you.

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1 Rise Again (MStork, Juice Aleem)**

2 Mortal (Elai Immortal, Nick Noble)

3 Unearth (Caspar Grant)

4 Death Before Death (Matt Diaper, Vince Philips)

5 Deep Freeze (MStork, Darkwater Quartz, Nick Noble, Naomi Diamond)

6 Liberation (Selina Blakeney)**

7 Regicide (Barrowclough, MStork, Praying Mantis)

8 Kingdom Skyward (Conrad Watts, MStork)

9 Blessed (Barrowclough)

10 Heading for Disaster (Greybeard)

**previously unreleased