ALBUM released SEPTEMBER 2022


SXXTStorm is my 3rd studio album. This 10-track rap project is fury, desperation, grief and lamentation.

Featuring guest rap appearances from the likes of LA hiphop legend Myka9, Dan Bull, MStork, OCHE Igboyi and Zaeb Dust, SXXTStorm is a lyrical tirade dancing and crashing through astounding soundscapes and bloody-knuckled beats. This music was created by Neurotic Nate, Zaeb Dust, Eliot Best and Chris Donald.

The album's secret weapon is sound engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, therapist Andy Gordon.

April 2022

The first single is ‘Still Awake’, a lament that cackles nervously through producer Zaeb Dust’s menacing soundscape.

September 2022

The album is available to buy and stream at bandcamp and other streaming platforms.